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Gaelic Games

Bovada gaelic games betting are sports played in Ireland under the auspices of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA). Gaelic football and hurling are the two main games. Other games organized by the GAA include Gaelic handball and rounders. Women's versions of hurling and football are also played: camogie, organized by the Camogie Association of Ireland, and ladies' Gaelic football, organized by the Ladies' Gaelic Football Association. While women's versions are not organized by the GAA, they are closely associated with it. Today, Bovada gaelic games betting games are the most popular games in Ireland in terms of supporter attendances at senior games. Despite an economic downturn, attendances in 2009 were up 11% on 2008.

Bovada gaelic games betting

Bovada gaelic games betting is betting on sports that are played in Ireland under the auspices of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA). There are two main games, those being Gaelic football and hurling. The other events that are arranged include Gaelic handball and rounders. However, the main Gaelic Games betting events are on the Gaelic Games Football. There are also Women's events in the hurling and football arena that are played. Whilst not quite matching the Bovada gaelic games betting sports offering from Bovada, Bovada is definitely the best of the non-Irish bookmakers when it comes to betting on both GAA Football and GAA Hurling. Bovada is one of few non-Irish bookmakers, in fact, to actually allow their customers to bet on each of those sports. Where many other major bookmakers entirely overlook Gaelic sports, however, Bovada regularly price up club football and club hurling matches and even offer outright markets for a range of senior hurling and football championships, as well as the main All Ireland competitions. It is perhaps a little disappointing that most of the matches catered for by Bovada do only offer match result markets, but this is far better than those many bookmakers who do not price up Gaelic sports contests at all.
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