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Bovada boxing betting has long been one of the more popular betting sports, mainly due to its rich history in Vegas. Each year, there are numerous events and titles that fighters are vying for, which means plenty of betting opportunities for sports bettors. There is no question that combat sports are exciting to bet on, and Bovada boxing betting is no exception.

Bovada boxing betting

Usually, betting on Bovada boxing betting events is fairly simple. Bettors must determine which fighter in the matchup will prevail and win the fight title. This type of bet is usually a Moneyline, but there are a few other options and types when betting on Bovada boxing betting, and it is helpful to be aware of these options to make an educated decision on which one might be best for you.


Betting on the Moneyline is usually the most common type of Bovada boxing betting bet. Each fight will have a winner and a loser, and bettors are tasked with selecting which fighter they believe will win the fight. Line shopping is heavily encouraged when it comes to Moneyline Bovada boxing betting; some sportsbooks odds are better than others and you want to make sure you’re getting the best odds possible.

Totals (over/under)

There are two options available when betting the totals on Bovada boxing betting. Bettors are able to bet on the total number of rounds the match will last, or the total number of points scored for both fighters. If the sportsbook’s oddsmaker sets the line at 7 rounds, bettors must decide if the fight will last over or under 7 rounds.

Knock out bet

Fairly self-explanatory, the Knock Out Bet is where bettors can wager on one boxer knocking out his opponent. This betting option is riskier because if the outcome does not result in a knockout, the bet is a loss. It is similar to a Moneyline bet in the sense that bettors must select a winner – but more specifically as the outcome must be a knockout.
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