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Bovada golf betting is currently the only golf tipster on the Bovada site. The sales page claims this tipster is “unrivaled” when it comes to golf tips, so I decided to trial this service see if it could live up to the claims. Bovada golf betting Expert typically advises between 30-40 bets per month, but this can vary depending on how many tournaments are going on each month. The advised tips are usually each bet on golfers to win tournaments. The advised stakes vary from 0.5pts each way up to 2pts each way. The tips are sent out via email every Tuesday at around 9 am. All bets are advised at the best odds available at the bookmakers when the bets are sent out so you will need to have a number of active bookmaker accounts in order to follow this service. At the time of writing, Bovada golf betting has made a total profit of 579.53 points since the service started being proofed by Betting Gods in January 2016. In that time the service has returned a +59.62% return on investment with a strike rate of 9.09%.


I started my trial of Bovada golf betting Expert on the 11th of October 2016. I ran this trial for 3 months instead of my usual 2 due to the slightly lower number of tips this service advises. All results are recorded to the best bookmaker odds available when the email was received, and, at level stakes as a pose to the services advised stakes. This is to allow easy comparison between the results of this service and alternative services. A betting bank of 200 points is recommended with the staking advised individually. So far there has been 1 or 0.5 points each way selections in the outright win market, the stake dependent on the price which has ranged up to 225/1 so far. There is no analysis of the tournament merely advice of the best recommended. There have been 39 selections to date with 3 gaining place money at odds of 33/1 and 66/1 (twice). The bank is showing a loss of 16 points which is not unusual for Bovada golf betting where the really lucrative winners can be few and far between. There is one ante-post advice for the US Open live at the time of writing. Very early days here as you must take a long-term view if you are going to operate in the Bovada golf betting markets. The service operates professionally and has not given any cause for concern so far. We will update in June but even then a longer period is likely to be needed to form a proper opinion on potential.
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