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Golden Gorilla

On Bovada Golden Gorilla you’re on a jungle adventure in search of some very important gorilla artifacts from long ago as you encounter wild animals, exotic plants, and a raging gorilla. It’s a daunting journey that can result in your reaping riches. That is as long as you can make your way through what is a jungle thick with plant and brimming with animal life. There’s a specific intensity inherent in this game that features a Screaming Gorilla who is able to occupy one entire reel at a time, bringing riches to you. That Screaming Gorilla is, appropriately enough, a Wild symbol. He’s capable of triggering a windfall for players. Bovada Golden Gorilla offers players an exaggerated, cartoon-like style, which works to reduce any danger one might feel when playing this Bovada slots machine. The green and golden jungle harbors natives, lizards, flowering plants, and, of course, gorillas. The one thing that you won’t find as far as icons are concerned is your typical 9 through Ace playing card symbols. They are nonexistent and that fact makes Bovada Golden Gorilla a much richer experience as every icon fits within the jungle and wildlife theme.

PLAYING Bovada Golden Gorilla ONLINE

There are a lot of icons, and to say the least, they are quite exotic. Lush, healthy plants; beautiful and often poisonous flowers, tempting fruits, large eggs, wild monkeys and gorillas, intimidating lizards, cats of prey, native protectors, and tempting artifacts entire the explorers into the jungle. The 5-reel, 50-playline video Bovada slots takes coin sizes from $00.01 up to $00.25. You can put up to 500 coins into play, which means your top bet would be $125.00 per spin. For maximum efficiency and payouts, try to play all of the pay lines even if it’s for the minimum amount of one penny per line ($5.00 total). Spin the reels and hope that you hit a winning combination. A minimum of three identical icons in a row or with a wild will result in a payout. The wild symbol, the Angry Gorilla, is a great resource for you. The Bovada Golden Gorilla statue is the key to winning free spins. Get three Bovada Golden Gorillas on any turn and you’ll receive 15 free spins. Get involved in Super Round play to earn bonuses and see your winning multiply. guide You’re in the jungle and surrounded by everything that’s foreign to you. You’re on a quest to secure the top prize, which is the Bovada Golden Gorilla. Ultimately in playing this 5-reel, 50-pay line video Bovada Golden Gorilla, you’re looking to score a jackpot. Give yourself the best chance to do so by earning free spins and making your way into Bovada Golden Gorillas bonus rounds. If you’re a tad lucky, you’ll be able to take advantage of two different bonus rounds. These two rounds are where you can really rack up coins and hit the big jackpot. When you get to the Hidden Statue Bonus Round, you’ll be able to win some great prizes. That is as long as you make the right choices. Important icons include the Wild Gorilla, Orange Dragon, and Bovada Golden Gorilla Statue. If you’re able to stir three or more of each of those symbols up, you’ll be making some serious cash. To get into the first bonus round, you’ll need to collect three of more Bovada Golden Gorilla Statues on any of the five reels.


This is another Rival Bovada slots that offer players two bonus rounds and both are very engaging and exciting. The Super Round is the first of two for which players can qualify. You cannot get to the second round, the Hidden Statue Bonus Round, without first making it to the Super Round. Once you’ve hit at least three Bovada Golden Gorilla Statues on any one spin of the reels, you’ll have access to the Super Round. The Super Round is all about free spins and about getting into the second bonus game. Yes, you can win coins while in this initial bonus round, but you can also collect 15, 25, or 50 free spins by getting three, four, or five Bovada Golden Gorilla Statues during one turn. When in the Super Round you’ll enjoy expanding multipliers of 3x. Also, in any free spin scenario, your multipliers are worth at least 2x. To get into the Hidden Statue Bonus Round, you’ll need to get at least three Orange Dragons on any of the five reels. Once you do that, you’ll be taken to the next level. In this bonus round, you’re given the chance to smash statues and once you reveal a monkey icon hidden in the statue you’ll win the prize associated with that symbol. After that, you’ll go back to the Super Round where you can continue to utilize all of your remaining free spins and, perhaps, once again get into the Hidden Statue Bonus Round.


You’ll get paid whenever you assemble three to five of the same symbols as designated by the game across a pay line. The biggest payout occurs when you get five Screaming Gorillas in a row across the five reels. You’ll receive 5,000 coins for that and if you’re in a free spin round, that sum is multiplied by 2x and when in the Super Bonus Round it’s multiplied by 3x. That means you can win close to $4,000 on one turn.

FINAL WORD Bovada Golden Gorilla

Bovada Golden Gorilla is a fine 5-reel, 50-pay line video Bovada slots machine. Rival has done well to make this Bovada slots interactive, action-packed, and fun. The animations include gorillas, flowers, statues, and dragons, amongst other icons. When you hit a winning combination, there’s a good chance those symbols involved in the win will react. If you do get into the Super Bonus Round, be prepared to win. Even if you are playing the minimum of $0.01 per pay line, you can easily accumulate hundreds and even over a thousand dollars. So make sure that whatever size coin you play that you bet on every pay line. That is essential if you want to make the most out of every spin of the five reels of the Bovada Golden Gorilla video Bovada slots machine.
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