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Bulletproof Babes

Bovada Bulletproof Babes is a 5-reel, 3-row 3-D Bovada slots game with 20 pay lines based on Asian animation shows (anime) and comic books (Manga). The game uses a stunning new art style that resembles the artwork found in Manga. Although it uses a relatively simple game mechanic the interface is completely new and streamlined. The betting features are simplified to help players stay focused on enjoying the game experience. You don’t need to be a fan of anime and manga to appreciate the depth of this game. If you have been playing 3-D interactive Bovada slots for any length of time you’ll have certain expectations. Bovada Bulletproof Babes attempts to shock you out of those expectations so you sit up and take notice of a new approach to the Bovada slots gaming experience. You’ll be watching the reels spin and suddenly, to celebrate a nice prize you just won, one or two of the Ninja Girls come in from the sides and clash briefly. They may even tell you how much you just won. Here are fourteen symbols in Bovada Bulletproof Babes. The four special symbols are the Moon, the Temple, the Girl Fight Scatter, and the Wild Mistress. All winning combinations pay from left to right and only the highest possible win per line is paid. You can only win a maximum of 40,000 times bet per line on any spin. The Wild Mistress substitutes for all regular symbols in the game. She only appears on reels 1, 3, and 5. Dressed in brown she is the leader of the Ninja Girls and wields the most power. The Moon only appears on reel 1 but it pays double the bet for every pay line on which it appears. The Moon also has a special function along with the Temple, in that when they appear together they trigger the Free Spins Bonus Game. The Temple only appears on reel 5. In regular play, its only purpose is to join with the Moon to trigger the Free Spins Bonus game. The Moon and Temple symbols are easily picked out from the rest as they are the only tiles to use bright yellow. The Girl Fight Scatter symbol is a black-and-white drawing of a clenched fist hitting an open hand in classic martial arts style, where two opponents respectfully face off against each other. Whenever a Scatter prize is paid at least 2 of the Ninja Girls come out from the sides and briefly close together, symbolizing a fight. The high-value symbols in the game are the four Ninja Girls. The Blue girl, wielding a flame-bladed sword, is worth 2000 times your bet per line for 5 of a kind. She pays 500 times to bet per line for 4 of a kind, 200 times bet per line for 3 of a kind, and 10 times bet per line for 2 adjacent tiles on any pay line. The Violet girl wields a cutlass. She is worth 1500 times bet per line for 5 of a kind, 500 times bet per line for 4 of a kind, 100 times bet per line for 3 of a kind, and 5 times bet per line for 2 adjacent symbols on any pay line. The Green girl wields a staff. She is worth 1000 times bet per line for 5 of a kind, 250 times bet per line for 4 of a kind, 100 times bet per line for 3 of a kind, and 3 times bet per line for 2 adjacent symbols on any pay line. The Red girl wields Manriki chains. She is worth 1000 times bet per line for 5 symbols, 250 times bet per line for 4 symbols, 100 times bet per line for 3 symbols, and 3 times bet per line for 2 adjacent symbols on a pay line. The game’s 8 low-value symbols are taken from Asian myth and mysticism. They are the Yin and Yang, the Roaring Ocean Wave, the Bonsai Tree, the Mountain, the Anvil, and the Cloud. Each symbol has its own distinctive color. The Yin and Yang and Mountain symbols pay 500 times to bet per line for 5 of a kind. The Wave and Anvil pay 250 times to bet per line for 5 of a kind. The Tree and Cloud pay 100 times bet per line for 5 of a kind.

Free Spins Game in Bulletproof Babe Bovada slots

The Free Spins game is triggered, as noted above, only when the Moon symbol appears on reel 1 and the Temple symbol appears on reel 5. The screen is reduced to darkness by a shrinking circle transition. You are then presented with a full-bleed image of the Mistress and the four Ninja Girls standing in front of a village. You are prompted to pick a girl and she reveals how many free spins you win. You can win up to 25. The game cannot be retriggered but the Moon and Temple symbols may appear on any spin. They act as additional wild symbols, thus increasing your chances of winning a prize. When the game begins you are playing with a multiplier of 1. The multiplier increases randomly as the spins play out. The maximum multiplier you can win is 10 times your bet per line.

Game Controls in Bulletproof Babe Bovada slots

This Bovada slots game interface was designed to work the same way on both mobile and desktop devices. The characteristic hamburger icon in the upper left-hand corner of the screen brings up a two-option menu (play for free money if you are in practice mode and review the game rules). The rules help screens are transparent, so you can see your game in the background. This makes it easy to check out what you just won if you are confused about the prize the game paid you. Screen navigation uses right and left arrows and the screens act like a typical slideshow widget. Click on the “X” in the upper left-hand corner to exit. The Spin button is a new large circular icon on the right side of the screen. It briefly transforms into a stop button to help you speed up the transitions between spins. The volume control is in the lower left-hand corner. It toggles game sound on and off. The Balance window doubles as a button to let people playing free games log into the casino so they can play for real money. The Progressive Jackpot window in the center of the bottom screen shows you how much you might win if you get really lucky. Remember, this is only awarded randomly. The Bet control is simplified for ease-of-use on smartphones but it works great on the desktop, too. Click on the control and up pops a mobile-friendly menu allowing you to choose from 0.20 to 100 currency units (dollars). The final control is a Win(s) button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

Final Thoughts on Bovada Bulletproof Babes

This is first and foremost a fun game to play if only because you get three layers of artwork. The background image is a fixed black-and-white drawing of a nondescript Asian village. Maybe outlaws or some evil warlord is attacking the village and the Ninja Girls are there to protect it. The game really doesn’t provide you with any background story. The reels are drawn as five scrolls of rice paper. When you click on the Spin button they become animated and look like rolls of paper scrolling downward, being collected into new scrolls. The color schemes are clever. The high-value tiles are drawn in slightly brighter, more pronounced colors than the low-value tiles, which are contrasted with the light grey texture scrolls that serve as the reels. The animations indicating you won a prize vary. If the Scatter Girl bonus is paid you see two girls come out to fight. If low-value symbols pay a prize they might flash briefly and a pay line is painted across the screen. Mistress Wild flares up with a bright flash if she helps pay a prize. If one of the Ninja Girls forms a winning combination and no other prize is awarded she’ll leap out from one side of the screen. The game doesn’t have much of a soundtrack. It plays short incidental riffs of sufficiently dramatic nature to let you know you won a prize but it doesn’t suck up your bandwidth with continuous music, which is important for mobile players. This is a great mix of minimalist design and interesting new features. The designers compromised in the right places by creating special symbols that serve double duty and enhancing the normal Free Spins bonus without adding a lot of superfluous player actions. We can say that mobile-based gambling games, still young in their design concepts, have taken a step forward with Bovada Bulletproof Babes.
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