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Table Tennis

Bovada table tennis betting only appears on most people’s radar during the Olympics. It’s usually received very well, however, with the frenetic speed of the game making for an enthralling spectacle. Unfortunately, Britain hasn’t had much success in the sport, with Asia (and China, in particular) extremely dominant. This means that Bovada table tennis betting events are given very little coverage in this country, but there is actually a full tour schedule as well as European leagues going on all year round, giving you plenty of opportunities to bet on table tennis.

Main Events

The ITTF Pro Tour Opens are the cornerstone of the Bovada table tennis betting season. Between 10 and 15 of these tournaments take place each year, held all over the world in places like China, Brazil, and Germany. There’s also the Bovada table tennis betting World Championships (held every odd year) and the annual World Cup, with Chinese players dominating across the board in recent times. Many of the major tournaments are available to bet on Bovada table tennis betting, which offers a host of interesting ante-post and in-play markets. On top of regular Match Winner bets, a popular option is the Over/Under Total Match Points market, where bookies offer a figure and you bet whether there’ll be more or fewer than that scored in the match as a whole. This market is particularly good if you can pick matches you feel will be close - and thus bet on Over - or contests where one player is much stronger than the other - and thus go with Under. The latter is a great way to enhance your odds if betting on a strong favorite because you’re essentially backing them to win comfortably rather than just to win outright.

Bovada table tennis betting Favourites

Like other one-on-one sports such as tennis, Bovada table tennis betting favorites can often be at very short odds in the Match Winner market. Handicap options, therefore, offer much better odds if you fancy a favorite to win comfortably. Handicaps tend to come in the form of -1.5 or -2.5 games, with matches normally the best of seven games (or ‘sets’). As opposed to popular sports like football, where the bookies rarely miss a trick, bookmakers can be caught out with lesser-known sports like Bovada table tennis betting, giving you the opportunity to pick out a bet that shouldn’t be as generously priced as it is. If you keep yourself up-to-date with the Bovada table tennis betting circuit, you’ll have a good chance of finding players that may have been overlooked by the bookies.
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