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what we like

  • Easy deposits, great customer service and reliable payments
  • Numerous bonuses offered
  • Fast payouts

what we don't like

  • No vip club
  • No Live Chat feature

Poker Bonus

Bovada poker bonus offer is good for beginners. You get 60 days to clear the bonus (after you've made your first deposit), you can clear the bonus at any stakes you want and the terms are straightforward. They cater to recreational players which forces them to make their welcome bonuses simple and relatively easy to clear. You clear the Bovada poker bonus by reaching new bonus levels; you reach new bonus levels by earning poker points; you earn poker points by generating rake for Bovada. The more bonus you earn, the easier it gets to clear the additional bonus. For example, level three is $100 for 750 poker points while level five is $150 for 1,500 poker points. (Going from level four to level five was 25% easier than going from level one to level two, for instance).

Additional Deposits Qualify for the Bovada poker bonus

Only the money deposited on the same calendar day as your first deposit will qualify for the Bovada poker bonus. If you deposit $100 next Tuesday and later on that Tuesday deposit another $100, you'll be eligible for $200 in bonuses. Should you deposit the additional $100 on Wednesday, however, you've already missed the boat and won't qualify for the bonus.
  • Reload Bonuses - They award reload bonuses only to certain players - whether these players are selected randomly or have to meet certain criteria is unknown. There is no poker reload bonuses available for everyone.
  • Other Bovada poker bonus - In addition to the Bovada poker bonus, Bovada players are eligible for a Bad Beat Bonus(win 100 x the big blind, up to $1,000) and a Royal Flush Bonus (win 50 x the big blind, up to $200).
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