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Bovada Europe basketball betting has boomed during the last years and has overtaken other traditional markets such as Sports, horse racing or greyhounds. Apart from the NBA, which is undoubtedly the most recognizable brand in the world, sports betting sites are nowadays covering various events through the live streaming feature, such as top European competitions or even national leagues. Punters are keen on Bovada Europe basketball betting as in most cases there’s no option of a tie, so their chances of winning range at 50%, instead of a 33% on a typical 3-way football bet. Another great advantage to every player is the multitude of betting options, as on an average day more than 40 Bovada Europe basketball games can be found. Additionally, you might get a second chance on certain bets, (e.g. match winner, total points), as every wager is settled when the match has been concluded and not at the end of the fourth quarter. A 3-way market is also available that includes odds for a draw, but it is has become unpopular among punters. Although the odds found on draws and the possibility of extra time are huge (over 12,00+) they are reasonably considered, as risky bets.

Way to bet

The simplest market on Bovada Europe basketball betting is picking the winner of the match. The odds for each team are adjusted according to the opponent's strength. Given than Bovada Europe basketball is more predictable compared to football, as upsets rarely happen, bookmakers usually offer lower Bovada Europe basketball betting odds on the favorite in regards to football matches. Most of the times, punters use this market for multiples betting (usually over 5-fold or 6-fold) in order to augment their total odds.

Special players bets

There’s also a huge variety of player based bets, where you need to predict the performance of certain Bovada Europe basketball players. You can bet on whether a player will reach a defined number of points, rebounds, assists or successful three-point shots. You can find a great number of Bovada Europe basketball betting options on high profile matches such as the Euroleague or NBA. A punter can also bet on the possibility of a double-double or a triple-double performance, on really profitable odds.
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