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England Premier League

The Bovada England premier league is now around six full games into their 2011 season, and there have been quite a few interesting and exciting matches.  On top of that though, there has been some very interesting betting that has occurred as well on the EPL.  Soccer betting is quickly becoming more and more popular all around the world, and the Bovada England premier league is popular in many different countries as well.  When you take a look at the top of the standings for this season, you’ll see some familiar names up top, with the likes of Manchester United, Manchester City, and Chelsea sitting in the top three positions.  One team that has surprised a few people this season is Newcastle United, who had to bet odds to win the EPL of 1000 to 1 to start the season.  Newcastle is currently sitting in fourth place with 12 points and has yet to lose a game.

Bovada England premier league betting

Betting on the EPL early in the season can be tough, as you’ll see that quite a few teams are still in the process of figuring out their lineups and their identities before they get into the heat of the season.  One example of a team who is attempting to figure out who they really are would be Arsenal.  They are sitting with two wins, three losses, and one draw, but they have been very disappointing with a -5 goal differential. Arsenal was an 8 to 1 favorite to win the entire league at before this season kicked off, and they have been a major disappointment in terms of Bovada England premier league betting as well. We now move ahead to the upcoming soccer betting for the weekend.  Two games that stand out in terms of online betting for this weekend are the Everton vs. Liverpool game, as well as the Blackburn vs. Manchester City.  In these two match-ups, you’ll find that the team who is favored will give you some good betting odds, and you should also feel confident about how they’ve played this season.  The Manchester City game features Man-City with odds of 1.57 to win outright against Blackburn, who has odds of 5.57 to win outright.  It wouldn’t surprise many if Manchester City took this one down by a score of two or three to zero.  The Liverpool game, on the other hand, features a team near the top of the standings, and a team who is near the middle.  While the stats aren’t incredible for either side and Liverpool is coming off of a tough loss to Tottenham 4-0 on the road.  Liverpool’s odds to take down Everton are currently 2.35, and their offensive firepower should be back and ready to go for the upcoming week. The Bovada England premier league has been exciting so far this season, and the betting should continue to feature some excellent betting options throughout the 2011-2012 season.  Keep an eye out for more excellent betting options out of the EPL in the upcoming weeks, and don’t sleep on these teams who are sitting atop the standings early in the season, as they’re on top for a reason!
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