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Major Darts Events

When it comes to Bovada darts betting events there are a ton of tournaments held throughout Europe and the rest of the world each year.  Below we have provided a summary of some of the major events along with the details for each: UK Open Bovada darts betting: Is an event that happens in the UK and it features over 128 dart players and is set up by the Professional Bovada darts betting Corporation UK (PDC-UK).  The specific playing area is Reebok Stadium in Bolton. PDC World Championship: Is a championship held by the Professional Bovada darts betting Corporation.  It started in 1994 after there was a division between the British Bovada darts betting Association. Las Vegas Desert Classic: This is one of the top tournaments in the United States. It is another Professional Bovada darts betting Corporation event that pays out over $126,400 in cash as prizes. As noted before Phil Taylor has dominated the event, winning it four times.  Our bet is to bet on Phil Taylor this year as well. Darts Premier League: Is a league tournament that was founded in 2005 by the (PCD). It takes place in the United Kingdom and features the top eight players in the world. BDO World Championship: Is a championship tournament is hosted by the British Bovada darts betting Organization (BDO). This is one of the oldest and most prestigious tournaments in the world for dart players. It has been a steady presence in the dart world since 1978. The PDC was formed in 1994 after a split with the BDO.  This is where a lot of betters like to place their bets. The World Match Play: Is yet another tournament put on by the PDC. Throwers have to win by two clear legs. The event takes place in Blackpool and has been a fixture in professional Bovada darts betting since 1994.  Some of the matches have been knowing to go on for quite some time which makes betting on it really fun. World Grand Prix: Hosted by the PDC in Dublin Ireland. It takes place each October.
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