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College Football

How to bet on Bovada college football

In the world of college football betting, there is something for everybody. From super high scoring blowouts between two unevenly matched teams to defensive showdowns between championship contenders in the SEC, every Saturday in college football brings dozens of interesting storylines and betting angles.

Basic odds and Bovada college betting options

In college football betting, point spreads are used to bridge the gap between two teams and to account for home field advantage. Unlike in the NFL where even the most lopsided games routinely result in upsets, Bovada college football features some games that are never in doubt. When the Colorado Buffaloes visit the Oregon Ducks, the Oregon Ducks are almost certain to win. What makes these games worth betting on is the point spread. In this instance, Oregon would be a huge favorite, something like -34.5, while Colorado would be +34.5. Bettors that want to bet on Oregon would be betting on the Ducks to win by 35 points or more, while bettors on the Buffaloes would be betting on Colorado to keep the game within five touchdowns. Spreads make every game on the board into betting options regardless of how lopsided they are on paper. Of course, not every game is so lopsided. A game between Auburn and Alabama in the Iron Bowl figures to be a close one that could go either way. While these games also have spread, bettors can choose to bet them on the money line instead, where Alabama might be a -220 favorite over Auburn at +180. This means that betting on Alabama would be a bet with a ratio of $220 to win $100, while a bet on Auburn would be $100 to win $180. Point totals are also frequently bet on in Bovada college football. Sportsbooks set a number of total points to be scored in a game, and bettors can bet on whether the actual number of total points scored in the game will go OVER or UNDER that total.

Bovada college football betting strategies

With over 120 schools in action in Bovada college football, bettors have a multitude of betting options every week in college football. While it can seem overwhelming to handicap so many games, it can also be overwhelming to sportsbooks to have to make lines for all of these games. And bettors get to pick and choose which games they bet on; sportsbooks have to offer lines on them all. One profitable betting strategy is to give attention to smaller conferences. Games between ranked teams are going to get bet on more frequently and be handicapped much more closely by lines makers. But a game between Memphis and Tulsa is much more likely to have a weak line that the sharp eye will be able to find. Also, look for obvious letdown spots. College football athletes are just kids, not professionals. Coming off of a big game against a rival or a disappointing loss the week before could lead to another weak performance the following week.
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