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Bingo Goal

Bovada Bingo Goal

Soccer – or football, depending on where you are when you’re talking about it – is the world’s most popular sport. The most popular leagues see their matches broadcast worldwide, and the World Cup is the premier international sporting event around, rivaled only by the Olympic Games. For much of the world, football isn’t just a game: it’s a way of life. Goal Bovada bingo, an online Bovada bingo game developed by Patagonia Entertainment, is an attempt to pair the world’s game with some rather solid, straightforward gambling action. Like many of Patagonia’s Bovada bingo-based games, this offers a variety of prizes based on the patterns you make on your cards. But it also utilizes the theme in a fun bonus round that will put you in the middle of a tense penalty shootout.
Kicking Off Goal Bovada bingo is a game that presents you with a pretty simple objective: make as many lines and other patterns as possible on up to four cards in order to win prizes. In this game, you’ll be playing with miniaturized tickets: each one featuring 15 numbers between 1 and 90, arranged in three rows of five numbers each. At the beginning of each round, you’ll need to set your bet. You can change the number of tickets you are playing by clicking on any of the four on screen, which will toggle them on and off. You can then set your total bet at the bottom of the screen. Generally speaking, Patagonia sets the credit value at 0.25 units of whatever currency you’re playing in, though you may want to verify this before you start making wagers. Once you’re happy with your bets, it is time to get the game started! By clicking on the play button, you’ll trigger the release of 34 soccer balls into the lower part of the game area, each of which comes with a number on it. These numbers are those being drawn for the round, and as they are revealed, they will be marked off anywhere they appear on your cards.


  • PREPARE: Print out different Bovada bingo cards for each child plus a call sheet. Cut out the call sheet and put the squares into a hat or bowl.
  • DISTRIBUTE: Hand out one Bovada bingo card to each child (each card should be different).
  • CALL: The caller should pull out one image, describe it and show it to the children.
  • OPTIONAL EXTRAS: Click here for ideas for making Bovada bingo more educational.
  • MARK IMAGE: The children will then place pennies, rocks, fun foam pieces or something similar on the called image if it is on their card. (You can also make your own markers.)
  • WINNING: Once a predetermined pattern is made on a card, the child with that card calls out Bovada bingo.


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