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Beach Bums

Bovada Beach Bums

If there’s anything that can be more fun than spending time on the beach, it’s winning stuff when you’re on the beach. Along comes Bovada Beach Bums, which offers you both! With Bovada Beach Bums, the object is to match three symbols, and you’ll see a wide variety of symbols in this game. You’ll see beach balls, coconut drinks, flip flops, beach pail and shovel, seashells and starfish. After spending so much time looking at all the fun beach items, you may just want to take this scratch-off game to the real beach! Any time you match three symbols you win and, of course, the amount you win depends on what symbols you have. If you don’t win, just get a new scratch-off and start over or, if in the casino, click on the button to get a new scratch-off. It’s that simple and that much fun. It won’t take long to understand why Bovada Beach Bums is such a favorite of so many people.

How to Win at Bovada Beach Bums

Bovada Beach Bums offer a variety of ways to win. Yes, it’s all about matching symbols but, like with most scratch-offs; each symbol offers a different prize amount. The amount of your prize is also determined by how much money you’ve bet on each spin if playing on a machine. Just to give you a general idea of how much you can win at Bovada Beach Bums, here are some examples.
  • Three flip-flops in a Row – 1x your bet
  • Beach pail and shovel – 2x your bet
  • Beach ball – 5x your bet
  • Starfish – 10x your bet
  • Coconut drink – 20x your bet
  • Seashell – 50x your bet
Using the example above, if you bet 2 coins and get three beach balls, you’d win 10 coins. If you bet 10 coins and got three coconut drinks, you’d win 200 coins. Imagine getting three sea shells on a bet of 10 coins! Yep, you’d have won 500 coins! Another interesting fact is that the three symbols do not have to be in the same row from left to right like in some games. If two are in a row and the third one is down below the two matching ones, you’re a winner! Adding to the enjoyment of this game is a sexy man and woman on the beach cheering you on and giving the thumbs up when you win!
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